The active molecule of turmeric is less bio-available and therefore it is necessary to increase its intake. There are different ways to increase the availability of this molecule: the main are the simultaneous use of pepper. It has been proved that Piperine: the molecule responsible for the pepper’s spiciness, significantly increase the bio-availability of curcumin. The intake of turmeric during meals enhances its absorption thanks to the vehicle of the fat component of the food.

In addition, the curcumin is better absorbed when ingested in its phyto-complex, such as the intake of the turmeric powder as a whole instead of the curcumin alone. Turmeric tablets by L’Angelica contain a high-titer curcumin extract, together with turmeric phyto-complex just to stimulate this effect. We suggest taking it before meals.

For any further information about turmeric, we suggest you to take a look at the video.